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This site offers you a great choice of independent VCH hotels which give you that extra bit of hospitality that will make you feel at home even when you're travelling. That's our mission. On top of Christian value-based VCH three and four star hotels, our group also includes monasteries, wellness & health resorts as well as guest houses and conference facilities.





Die LOCATIONS in Esslingen ist am 14.07.16 eine Messe für Tagungen und Events, auf der der VCH vertreten ist.



Tageslosung für 28.07.16

So bekehre dich nun zu deinem Gott, halte fest an Barmherzigkeit und Recht und hoffe stets auf deinen Gott!, Hosea 12,7

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VCH-Hotel Carolinenhof
Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin
3 overnight stays only 136,25 € per person in double room and 183,50 € in...
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